Call Forth Your Champion

The time has come again… Three times before, the corruption of mankind has been wiped clean from the world, with only a chosen few left behind to start anew. The Light has heard humanities plea and granted an opportunity to prove that there is love and goodness worth saving. It will be virtue in the Eternal Arena that decides the fate of humanity. The Void god waits hungrily to claim all the world’s souls and has chosen his Champions to oppose those of the Light. Which side will you choose?

Enter the Arena

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Developed by 5 students from the Art Institute of Phoenix, From Ashes is a PvP (Player vs. Player) focused MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) for PC in a fantasy setting. Multiplayer is delivered through three game modes and driven by a tight, simple, and intuitive control scheme. The game features four playable champions, each with unique ability kits, leveling and talent systems, animations, and voiced audio. Combat is given greater depth by three major map objectives. Kill streaks, post-match statistics and leader boards round out the feature set for devoted players. See you in the arena!

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